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Purchasing systems

Learn about the process to buy your home.


1. Reserve your property: You must reserve the property; This will be valid, during which time the necessary documents will be drawn up to acquire it and sign the purchase-sale contract.


2. Purchase-sale agreement: Our legal team advises you on the drafting of the agreement after complying with the documentary requirements, the legal advisory and the signing of the purchase agreement will have no cost for you. The agreement will set out the conditions and the payment schedule established in accordance with our policies and work progress. *In the case of foreigners, see Annex 1.


3. Agreement signing: After the agreement is completed, all parties will sign the private purchase agreement, one set will be sent to each party (in case the buyer requires the agreement to be signed before a notary, the buyer will cover the notary costs).


4. Advanced payments: At the time of signing the contract, the buyer must transfer the amount of the advance to our bank account, this must come from the account of the purchaser.


5. Monthly payments: The buyer must make the payments on the agreed dates according to the payment schedule established in the contract.


6. Monitoring and construction: You will be able to monitor the progress of the construction work, on our page or individually, the progress of the work will be sent according to the established program.


7. Conclusion and signing of the deed: Once the payments have been completed, the purchase of the property will be closed, formalizing the purchase-sale before a notary public.


Public Notary and deed costs must be covered by the buyer. Please contact our advisors without costs for more information.

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